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After Failing In Pakistan, Proton All Set To Launch In India







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برچسب‌ها: After Failing In Pakistan, Proton All Set To Launch In India,
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News from around the world -899164

News from around the world -899165

News from around the world -899166

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We are disappointed for the competitors who have shown so much commitment and put tremendous effort into succeeding as representatives of their nation.

We have and will continue to take swift and decisive actions for the benefit of the business; unfortunately that means the Land Rover G4 Challenge has to come to an early close," said Phil Popham, managing director of Land Rover in a statement.

Jeannie Bomford, Hanlie Booyens, Richard Kolbe and Craig Carter-Brown were in October selected to represent South Africa at the international challenge selection. The four South Africans were due to travel to England in February.

The three week-long Land Rover G4 Challenge was scheduled for Mongolia in June 2009.

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Mercedes-Benz is set to end its partnership with McLaren on a nostalgic note with a Stirling Moss commemorative SLR speedster.

The Anglo-German supercar partnership is due to end - allegedly amicably – in 2009; thereafter all high-performance Mercedes-Benz products will be designed and produced in-house, by AMG.

Beyond the F1 team, the Mercedes-McLaren partnership has yielded a brutish supercar, the SLR. The zenith of this range has so far been the 722, not monikered to indicated power output in horsepower, but to commemorate Stirling Moss and his halcyon days racing at the Mille Miglia – which he won with a 300 SLR numbered 722 in 1955.

To do justice to the great man – or have a great excuse for an overpriced, limited-edition model – 75 SLR Stirling Moss models will be built. Styling is refreshingly minimalist – there’s no front windscreen – and utterly perfect in detail and proportion; it’s a far busier design than the brutish SLR, yet seems purer.

The front is in classic speedster style, with narrower, stacked light clusters, and a bonnet with large vents and styling creases. Along the flanks are nearly crevice like panel creases, aesthetically anchored by dual outlet exhausts – we suspect they passed EU roadworthy regulation simply due to the Stirling Moss edition being such a low volume vehicle.

Beyond the traditional long-nose speedster side-profile, the aft deck area sports two fins running from the back of seat headrests; these ‘humps’ are classic 300 SLR, and house the individual roll hoops for both driver and passenger.

Other interesting design details around the rear are a manually operative air brake and considerably larger diffuser compared to those found on the rest of the SLR range.

Without a roof, and sporting a stripped out interior, the Stirling Moss edition tips the scales at just over 1 400kg. Power is from the 5.4l, supercharged V8, which powers the SLR range; producing 478kW in the speedster application.

Unsurprisingly it’s unwittingly fast; 0-100km/h in 3.5 seconds and 350km/h at the long end of the gearbox’s ratios and engine rev limit.

Unless you enjoy imagining you’re the Stig, and drive everywhere with a helmet on; we think you’ll end up arriving at each appointment with insanely windblown hair, and bug encrusted teeth, as the two front deflector screens are less than 25mm in height when deployed.

For once a mainstream manufacturer has built a limited edition supercar which is truly hardcore, and should provide an ownership experience of utter frustration to image-addled supercar buyers. Purists will be thrilled no end at it’s untainted execution, and obvious heritage.

It’s a worthy successor to the legend of Stirling Moss and his daring racing exploits. We could say the signature engraved shifter-top is tacky; but Moss, the greatest driver never to win an F1 driver’s title is a man who transcends such trivialities.

If you have a spare $1 000 000 around, and don’t have a Mercedes SLR already, you needend bother; Merc is only selling the 75 unit production to existing SLR customers - outside of the US only, strangely enough. Assembly will begin in June 2009, after the last SLR roadsters roll-off the production line in May.

Oddly, for such a pure performance car, the SLR Stirling Moss is being unveiled at the grittiest motor show of all - Detroit in January next year…

News from around the world -898058

News from around the world -898059

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برچسب‌ها: MERC REVIVES STIRLING MOSS ROADSTER -------------------------------------------------------,
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When you share a last name with Texan racing legend Carroll Shelby, your supercar company better be very good.

America’s supercar hero, built to defend top speed bragging rights against the likes of Bugatti’s Veyron, is the Shelby super cars (SSC) Ultimate Aero. Built by SSC (owner Jerod Shelby, no relation of Carroll) the Ultimate Aero runs a 413-km/h top speed.

Obviously such vast dynamic potential restricts the styling aesthetics to be pretty much utilitarian – the Aero is wedge shaped and not a thing of great beauty.

For 2009, the all-aluminium V8 continues the great American pushrod tradition, managing to supercharge 947kW from a swept capacity of 6.35l – up from 882kW. SSC says the newfangled power should enable the Aero to make an attempt to break the 434km/h barrier.

Broaching the 400km/h barrier is a source of great pride to the American auto industry – currently in turmoil.

Featuring improved aerodynamics, an air brake and to keep engine operating temperatures optimal, those odd looking carbon-fibre side louvres now channel additional airflow to the radiators, small changes, but at speeds beyond 400km/h the details are key. Aiding the air brake are a set of 355mm discs all-round clamped by six-piston calipers.

Interior revisions include a new gauge cluster (you’d hardly notice as tunnel vision becomes the all purveying perspective at over 400km/h) and tire pressure monitor, which should give you a nanosecond worth of warning before a sudden deflation at 413km/h ensures an earlier than expected life insurance claim.

At $620 000 the 2009 model year Ultimate Aero is hardly cheap, and though its execution may be garish, the bragging rights are beyond doubt.

News from around the world -898571

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برچسب‌ها: 947KW FOR "WORLD S FASTEST CAR",
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گرانقیمت‌ترین اتومبیل جهان زیر پای کریم بنزما + عکس

ستاره فرانسوی رئال مادرید گران‌تراین اتومبیل جهان را سوار می‌شود. کریم بنزما، ستاره فرانسوی رئال مادرید عکس بوگاتی ویرون خود را که خود را که حدود یک میلیون دلار قیمت دار را در صفحه‌ی اجتماعی خود قرار داد. به گزارش باشگاه خبرنگاران، کمپانی آئودی که اسپانسر تیم فوتبال رئال مادرید است چندی پیش اتومبیل جدیدی به بازیکنان داد اما، بنزما ترجیح می‌دهد با اتومبیل‌های لوکس خود برسد تمرینات تیمش حضور داشته باشد.

موضوعات مرتبط: بوگاتی+عکس,

برچسب‌ها: گرانقیمت‌ترین اتومبیل جهان زیر پای کریم بنزما + عکس "ستاره فرانسوی رئال مادرید گران‌تراین اتومبیل جهان",
[ يکشنبه 3 اسفند 1393 ] [ 6:20 ] [ دیبا ] [ ]


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برچسب‌ها: بنز2015+بنزروایران,
[ سه شنبه 28 بهمن 1393 ] [ 20:40 ] [ دیبا ] [ ]
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